Visit Seiche

Oh, so you’re going to visit the Seiche office? Cool. You’ll probably need some directions if it’s your first time there (even if getting lost in the building can be kind of fun, sometimes).

755 Prior Ave N., Suite 300
St. Paul, MN 55104

We are located in the Prior Works Building, a very old and beautifully restored cannery in the Creative Enterprise Zone. On our side of the building is Flannel Jax. On the other side of the building you’ll find Black Stack Brewing. In the middle, you’ve got Can Can Wonderland, Theater Mu, and Puzzle Works – not to mention dozens of artists, galleries, and nonprofits. Fun!

Finding our office 

There are building maps in the lobby and at the elevator exit on the third floor. Find Seiche in Suite #300 on any of these maps to orient your journey. Here’s our own visual aid, with parking lots identified: Seiche Office Location and Parking

  1. Enter the Prior Works building through the double doors just to the north of the water tower, next to the small “YELLOW” parking lot.
  2. In the lobby, find the elevator to your left.
  3. Go to the third floor and follow the long hallway all the way to its end (it will go through some doors, it will turn left a few times – you are still on the right track!).
  4. Our office is the last set of double doors on the right at the end of this long hallway. Celebrate the end of your journey!

Public transit / bike racks / parking

  • The MetroTransit bus stop nearest the Seiche office is Fairview Avenue N and Minnehaha Avenue (Route 67). The MetroTransit light rail station nearest to the Seiche office is the Fairview Avenue Station. For more information, visit
  • There are bike racks available near most entrances and in the underground parking garage. If all else fails, you can bring your bike up to the office!
  • If you’re driving, there are several free surface level lots, as well as underground parking, available to guests of the Prior Works building. There is also free street parking available nearby. The doors you’re looking for are next to the “YELLOW” parking lot but there are only one or two guest spots available in this lot, and rarely so.