Case Study: W.K. Kellogg Foundation

Advancing Digital Storytelling and Engagement

Digital storytelling and engagement to advance an equitable and promising future in which all children thrive.

Services: Creative Communications, Research, Strategy & Planning

The W.K. Kellogg Foundation (WKKF) has a powerful vision of a nation that marshals all of its resources to assure that all children have an equitable and promising future – a nation in which all children thrive. WKKF has partnered with Seiche – via program, communications and digital partnerships – for more than a decade to make this vision possible.

What We Did

Embedded within all that WKKF does are commitments to advancing racial equity and racial healing, to developing leaders, and to engaging communities in solving their problems. Seiche internalizes these commitments, working to bring them forward in each of our projects and partnership with the Foundation. In practice, this looks like:

Creative Storytelling

Recognizing that WKKF’s vision – a nation in which all children thrive – is a powerful call to action, Seiche brings creative communications strategy and partnership to share what it takes to make this vision possible.

  • Believing that storytelling is an act of courage and personal agency, Seiche brings thoughtfulness and care to storytelling and content development, seeking partnership and consent at every step of the process from development to publication and promotion.
  • Seiche worked with WKKF to develop and manage a storytelling platform (Every Child Thrives), conceptualize and support the execution of content initiatives (Rise Up if You Hear Us, I Am New Orleans, Black Mothers Breastfeeding, etc.) and develop ongoing social media strategies to tell powerful stories of racial healing and racial equity, as well as leadership and community engagement, in practice.

Actionable Solutions to Content Marketing

Seiche consistently brings craft and thoughtfulness to reach and engage the foundation’s audiences, while advancing targeted strategies to bring new audiences into the fold.

  • We worked with WKKF to conceptualize and advance digital strategy for its National Day of Racial Healing (NDORH) in 2023. Recognizing that NDODH aimed to increase key audience understanding of racial healing as a concept and its connection to racial equity, we developed a campaign encompassing creative content, social media engagement and digital marketing, which culminated in 15.4M impressions, 436K engagements and 119K+ downloads of action kits – stronger metrics than any previous NDORH.

Respectful Engagement

In one project, Seiche spoke to more than 70 people across the foundation – from cafeteria workers to executives – about their experiences with technology at WKKF.

  • Recognizing that technology is intertwined with how people learn, communicate and act – not to mention how they work – we designed an engagement process that met staff where they were, providing spaces for anonymous feedback, as well as group discussion and processing.
  • Our work respected the lived experiences of WKKF’s staff – by creating safe spaces to share those experiences, we collectively surfaced stories of technology challenges, as well as dreams of what could be made possible with more thoughtful uses of technology.
  • These stories ultimately informed changes at WKKF, weaving better technology and support into the day-to-day operations of a global foundation.

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