Our Capabilities

We draw on our unique mix of capabilities across research, strategy, planning, and communications to build right-sized solutions for our partners.

Actionable Research

Through deep listening and multidisciplinary research, we help our clients understand and navigate the landscapes for their work.

Strategy & Planning

We identify pathways for change, aligning people, structures, and culture to move from concepts to actionable plans.

Creative Communications

We develop creative content and storytelling approaches that help our clients engage their audiences online and offline.

Your Mission is Our Priority

We approach every engagement with deep curiosity, knowing that how we approach the work can be as important as what we deliver. And we help our partners live into their commitments of equity and justice, engaging their communities across learning, planning, and implementation.

Actionable Solutions

We take the time to understand the way you work so we can build solutions that fit.


We reject transactional models of change and prioritize authentic engagement at every step.

Embrace Complexity

A complex challenge needs a nuanced approach, one that embraces principled struggle and generative conflict.

Deep Partnership

We invest in relationships and build long-lasting partnerships, rooted in trust.

Seiche is a team of thoughtful, smart, values-aligned, multi-disciplinary leaders who are able to support our work, across our diverse programs. They are a tremendous asset to us at McKnight Foundation, helping us chart strategy, measure impact, and communicate effectively to diverse stakeholders.

Neeraj Mehta — director of learning, McKnight Foundation


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