Case Study: Land Stewardship Project

Aligning Visual Identity and Identifying Opportunities

Internal and external communications audit using a participatory approach

Services: Creative Communications, Research, Strategy & Planning

Dedicated to creating transformational change in our food and farming system, Land Stewardship Project (LSP) has been working since 1982 to foster an ethic of stewardship for farmland, promote sustainable agriculture, and develop healthy communities. LSP’s work has broad and deep impact – from new farmer training and local organizing, to federal policy, and community based food systems development. As a member-led, grassroots nonprofit, LSP has a deeply relational approach to community engagement and organizing, centering member stories and experiences.

In 2023, LSP welcomed a new executive director and was poised to begin a long-range planning process to chart their strategic direction for the coming five years. At this critical junction, LSP partnered with Seiche to complete an audit of their internal and external communications, develop templates for print and digital materials, and provide actionable recommendations to help LSP strengthen their communications practices in service of member and program goals.

Seiche took the time to get to know us, and how we work. As part of the communications audit, they lifted up actionable solutions that helped us chart immediate next steps, as well as recommendations that will see us through into the future. They prioritized listening and learning from our members – which is critical to us as a member-led nonprofit. When you partner with Seiche, you know they are all in – with you and for you.

Megan Smith — Director, LSP Advancement Department


What We Did

Knowing that LSP highly values participatory processes, Seiche engaged LSP’s staff, board, members, and supporters by conducting interviews with key stakeholders and two online surveys – one for members and supporters, and another for staff and board members.

Balancing Form and Function 

We took the time to understand how LSP’s distributed communications approach impacts staff capacity and their visual identity. 

  • Seiche conducted a thorough audit of digital and print materials, bringing a design and strategy eye. In addition to developing a set of digital and print templates for organizational and program use, we refreshed their brand guidelines.  
  • By taking the time to engage with staff, we helped LSP simplify communications templates and practices, ensuring a cohesive organizational look while preserving staff autonomy to be creative. 
  • The resulting templates not only supported a cohesive look and feel to organizational communications, but provided a way to increase capacity for busy staff members.  

Actionable Insights + A Path Forward

While the means and modes of communications have changed over the course of LSP’s 40-year history, one thing has remained constant: LSP’s focus on deep, relational organizing and community building. 

  • Knowing that LSP was about to engage in a Long Range Planning process that will set the organization’s path forward over the next five years, Seiche identified both immediate next steps for LSP to strengthen their communications approaches, and steps that should be informed by the upcoming planning process. 
  • Our adaptive approach ensures that recommendations remain pertinent, supporting LSP’s journey forward.  

Community-Centric Approach 

Embedded within our processes is a steadfast commitment to community accountability.

  • In addition to creating organizational templates and actionable recommendations, Seiche shared a light strategy for how LSP could share and engage members in the findings of this work. 
  • By synergizing expertise and shared values, Seiche helped LSP lay the groundwork for enhanced communications approaches that resonate with their members and stakeholders, and propel the organization towards its future vision. 

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