Case Study: First Nations Development Institute

Communications Training for Native Arts & Culture

Honoring and respecting Native cultural practices and traditions during communications capacity building trainings.

Services: Creative Communications

Seiche partnered with First Nations Development Institute (FNDI) to lead a series of in-person and webinar-based communications trainings, focused on building the communications capacity of grantees in FNDI’s Native Arts Capacity Building Initiative.

Many grantees worked individually or in small organizations; some focused on selling their art, while others wanted to attract community members to galleries or events. Recognizing that art is a cultural asset, our team helped grantees recognize and appreciate the communications work they were already undertaking – including one-on-one conversations – while highlighting new, low-cost/high impact opportunities to strengthen messaging, marketing and evaluation.

Our team placed a high priority on cultural competence, ensuring that trainings were developed and delivered in ways that honored and respected Native cultural practices and traditions. Grantees gave high ratings to the trainings, which led to our team being asked to deliver an additional webinar training before the project was completed.

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