This is Seiche

It's us. It's power from unexpected places. Together, we are making space for change.



When we started Seiche in 2017, we did so with a quietly determined, fierce commitment to dismantling unjust systems. We both had worked alongside organizers, and we knew building power in local communities was a powerful way to advance social justice. We believed that a small firm, consisting of people committed to being in deep, principled relationships with their clients, was one way to build systems with equity and justice at their core.

Nearly seven years later, we’re proud of what we’ve built and how we’ve navigated challenges. As a social impact strategy and communications firm, Seiche translates community insights into creative action, guiding organizations through the transformative work of systems change. We work with philanthropies, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, small businesses, and countless other organizations. We practice with them, navigating the in-between spaces to support complex collaboratives, coalitions, intermediaries, and people who care about a just and equitable society.

As those who have worked with us know, we draw on our unique mix of capabilities across research, strategy, and communications to build right-sized solutions alongside our partners. We bring an organizers mindset to our client engagements, taking the time to understand how they work and bringing a community-based approach to internal and external practices of learning, planning, and implementation. We’re also skilled at embracing the complexity of systems change – being in relationship, using conflict as an opportunity to learn and grow, and building long-lasting partnership grounded in trust. This work, done well, is transformative – and we’re proud of what we help our clients make possible in their organizations and in our communities.

We have staff in Minnesota and across the U.S. They’re brilliant, funny, and deeply principled. We share a commitment to dismantling what is unjust, but we also share a commitment to building what is just – advancing healthy, multiracial democracies, (re)building economies that work for people and planet, and working toward a just and fair society in which all can participate, prosper, and reach their full potential.

This is Seiche. It’s us. It’s power from unexpected places. Together, we are making space for change.

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